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YTR360D rotary drilling rig was upgraded and received batch orders!


On November 18th, Yutong Group Zhenghzou Zony Heavy Industries came to the beautiful mountain city “Chongqing”and held the YTR360D rotary drilling rig Product Technical Seminar to discuss the development trend of rotary drilling rig with industry experts. At this meeting, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries received orders for batches of rotary drilling rigs.

"Active upgrade" leads to healthy development. Since its establishment, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries has always insisted on carving products with innovation, winning reputation with products, and developing markets with quality. Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries has taken the lead in developing and manufacturing construction machinery in accordance with passenger vehicle standards, continuously focusing on products and categories, continuously increasing investment in technology research and development, management innovation, in-depth insight into customers' core needs, and insisting on creating greater value for customers.

We who are running have won more customers' recognition with innovation and wisdom. But we younger ones did not stop, but once again led the new development through "active upgrade".

In the speech, Mr. Feng Qin, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries said: In 2019, standing at a new starting point for the development of construction machinery, in order to better meet customer needs, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries relied on Yutong Group to formulate a strategic development plan for the next 5 years. With the mission of creating greater value for customers, we continue to carry out product innovation and management innovation, strengthen internal operation management, and achieve efficient and fast delivery. We are working tirelessly to build Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries  into an advanced foundation  equipment manufacturer.

It is worth mentioning that at this meeting, Mr. Wu Wansheng, Director of Rotary Drilling Rig Research Institute of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries , explained the new and upgraded products. The YTR360D rotary drilling rig can be described as a sword in ten years, and has realized a comprehensive upgrade from inside to outside.

Yutong YTR360D rotary drilling rig adopts imported Doosan chassis to ensure more reliable products; new and optimized double boom luffing structure, which improves stability by 25%; equipped with world-class brand parts and components to ensure efficient work of the equipment; automatic soil discharging, automatic drilling, One-button floating and bottom-contact protection reduce the operator's operation intensity and make the operation more intelligent. Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries is committed to making customers more assured, operators more comfortable, and operators more at ease, and will lead the industry to a more healthy and orderly development.

After sufficient precipitation and effort, whether the product or the service, a new transformation will be achieved. Yutong will face the future with a more relaxed attitude and continue to create greater value for customers with the evolution of technology.

Lead the industry. Mr. Hao Xinmin, Chairman of the Foundation Engineering Branch of the Chongqing Construction Industry Association, pointed out that high reliability and high quality products are increasingly becoming the development trend and the inevitable choice of customers. In the development process of many years, Zhengzhou Zony heavy Industries has gradually solidified its own value concept. The products are more reliable, safer, more efficient and more worry-free, which will surely lead the healthy development of the industry

Technology creates brilliant. As an industry expert, Mr. Chen Hua of Chongqing Tide Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has unique insights on equipment and construction methods. Mr. Chen Hua said: In the process of cooperation and promotion, Yutong continued to focus on products and continuously improved and upgraded products with advanced technology research and development capabilities, making the products more reliable, more efficient, lower power consumption, and more intelligent to meet actual demand for rotary drilling rigs.

Quality creates trust. On the basis of product upgrade and technology upgrade, Yutong rotary drilling rig has been recognized by more and more customers. At the meeting, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industry signed a batch of YTR360D rotary drilling rig purchase contracts with many customers.

After the promotion meeting, the staff organized the guests to visit a construction site in Chongqing to discuss the on-site construction status of Yutong YTR360D rotary drilling rig. The diameter of the pile is 1.8 meters, the drilling depth is 12 meters, the rock hardness is 50 MPa, The steady and efficient rock drilling status frequently wins praise from customers. When the driver informed that the machine's comprehensive hourly fuel consumption was 29 liters, it won unanimous praise from customers.

On the way forward, time will remember every trek and persistence. Facing a longer-term future, Yutong Group and Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries have also achieved "preparedness", not only continuously upgrading existing products, but also developing new larger models, fully meeting customer needs and continuing to lead the industry's active transformation upgrades and innovation breakthroughs.

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