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Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries 2019 Supplier Conference Held


On December 6th, 2019, on an important day at the end of the year, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries held the 2019Supplier Conference with theme of "Green Drive, Quality Wins the Future" at Zhengzhou Binhe Holiday Hotel. The purpose of this conference is to promote communication, discuss cooperation plans, continue to deepen cooperation relationships, and enhance the core competitiveness of the supply chain, so as to unite, collaborate efficiently and create greater value for customers!
This conference is the second supplier conference since Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries was unveiled on January 6, 2018. Over the past two years, all the employees of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries have moved forward with courage and made great achievements, and their market share has been developing faster than the industry each year. Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries has paid close attention to the improvement of product quality management. While deepening the cooperative relationship with old customers, it has won a large number of loyal new customers with quality, and its market position and industry awareness have steadily improved. In the future, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries will work hand in hand with suppliers to face market changes and customer needs, achieve a high degree of integration with each other, and build a secure and healthy supply chain management system.

Mr. Guo Xudong, Chairman and General Manager of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. attended the supplier conference and delivered an important speech. "Although the development of construction machinery is pessimistic in the short term, it is still a rising industry in the long term. I hope that friend suppliers will adhere to long-termism and always put quality and brand first; insight into customer needs and reduce surplus costs; Flexible, shorten the delivery period, speed up capital turnover; strictly control risks, and do a good job of business operations. " Opportunities and challenges for the development of construction machinery coexist. Who is able to respond quickly in such a hot market and win more opportunities and markets. Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries will adopt the business strategy of product leading, efficient operation and strict risk control. Through 3-5 years of efforts, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries will become a leading domestic manufacturer of foundation construction machinery and a leader of green mining equipment.
Mr. Wei Huibin, Manager of Purchasing Department of Zony Heavy Industries , shared in detail the 2019 supply chain work summary and 2020 work goals. In 2019, Zony Heavy Industries established and improved supplier material self-inspection records. The acceptance rate of incoming batches and outsourcing materials have improved compared with the previous year; VAVE has achieved initial results; the capacity of the supplier team and the length of abnormal production affected by outsourced parts improve obviously then before. Mr.Wei stated that in 2020, he would refine the management of costs, quality, supply channels, delivery, and inventory to form an efficient supply chain operation system, continue to improve the competitiveness of parts and vehicles, and win customers' reputation with reliable product quality.
Quality is the most critical factor for companies to compete for the market. Only by providing users with satisfactory products or services can they win the market. So, Mr. Xiao Bing, Manager of Quality Assurance Department of Zony Heavy Industries, announced to all suppliers the focus of Zony Heavy Industries ' Suppliers Quality Management in 2020, the basic requirements of qualified suppliers, and the supplier quality goals. Mr. Xiao said that in 2020, it is still necessary for all suppliers to work harder with Zony Heavy Industries to further improve the quality of parts and products, step by step firmly toward the goal, achieve win-win cooperation and mutual development.
Zony Heavy Industries' rapid development is inseparable from the support of all suppliers and partners. In order to thank the suppliers for their support and trust, Zony Heavy Industries selected the 2019 Best Delivery Award, Best Quality Award, Best Service Award and "Excellent Supplier" awards, and a grand award ceremony was held.
Green drive, quality wins the future! Through this conference, Zony Heavy Industries strengthened the close relationship with its suppliers, so that everyone had a deeper understanding of Zony Heavy Industries' development prospects, supply chain management and quality management requirements. In the future, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries will continue to work with suppliers and friends to overcome the difficulties, join hands in a new journey of high-quality development, further promote the rapid development of the industry, and work together to create greater value for customers. !

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