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Yutong Group

Yutong Group

Yutong has become the world's largest new energy commercial vehicle enterprise.

Yutong NEV, Your Better Choice

  • 7,100+

    Annual sales volume

  • 190,000+

    Cumulative sales volume

  • No.1

    Global sales volume of new energy buses

Yutong NEV, Your Better Choice

Yutong Bus

As an international mainstream bus supplier, Yutong Bus covers the major markets in 6 regions around the world and exports its products to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide in batches.

By 2023, it has exported more than 97,000 buses and sold more than 190,000 new energy buses globally, holding a leading market share in large and medium bus markets worldwide.


Yutong Truck

Since 2021, Yutong has officially entered the new energy commercial vehicle field. Relying on the complete vehicle capacity, industrial operation capability and new energy technical advantages of “battery, motor and electric control“, in combination with the core new energy technology “ReCtrl” and YEA, Yutong provides energy-saving, environmentally friendly, intelligent, safe, reliable and durable new energy heavy trucks and light trucks and solutions for market segments such as tractor, dump truck, mixer truck, mining equipment, package delivery, commodity distribution and less-than-truckload logistics.

By the end of 2023, a total of about 17,000 new energy truck products have been marketed.


R&D Strength

1 engineering research center

  • Yutong independently invests RMB 1 billion to develop R&D and verification technologies in various fields.

Enterprise Strength

2 listed companies

  • Yutong Group has 2 listed companies (Yutong Bus and Yutong Heavy Industries).

Production capacity

4 complete vehicle plants

  • Four vehicle factories, namely Shibalihe Yutong Industrial Park, New Energy Plant, Heavy Industries Plant and Special Vehicle Plant with an annual production capacity of more than 150,000 vehicles.

Quality control

5 parts bases

  • Five parts production bases, including EWEA, Slanpower Battery, Commercial Vehicle Chassis, Automotive Electronics and Air Conditioning, and Parts Industrial Park.

New Energy Industry Chain

Based on the bus business, Yutong independently realizes the whole industry chain capability and masters the core technology of new energy.

Pure electric technology platform + Independent R&D and manufacturing of parts = Full-category coverage of commercial vehicles

Full Lineup of New Energy Commercial Vehicles


Independently Mastering the Core Technology of New Energy


Zero-carbon enterprise

Yutong integrates carbon emission goals with its own development, aiming to create a zero-carbon, green transportation enterprise.

The green and low-carbon characteristics of new energy commercial vehicles align with the public demand for a green transition in production and lifestyle, as well as a rational energy allocation, and have gained broad recognition among the public.

  • By 2023, Yutong new energy vehicles have realized:
  • Fuel saving 8.4 billion liters
  • Gas saving 1.3 billion Nm3
  • PM 2.5 2,989 tons
  • CO2 emission reduction 24.97 million tons
  • NO2 emission reduction 145,362 tons
  • Equivalent to planting 120,000 hectares of trees



Service network

Focused on the vehicle operation and service pain points of truck customers in various countries, we
provide sound after-sales service support, and have built an industry-leading new energy maintenance and
servicing system.