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Yutong Group • Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries won two annual awards


On September 3th, the "2019 Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference and China's 100 Strongest Construction Enterprises" sponsored by China Construction Machinery Industry Association (CCMA), Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEM), and Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (KOCEMA) formally held in Beijing, this conference is held every two years and is held concurrently with BICES. A total of more than 800 people from 13 leading global engineering machinery and equipment manufacturers and China's top 100 foundation construction companies participated in the event. Mr. Qi Jun, Chairman of China Construction Machinery Association, Mr. Guo Xudong, Chairman and General Manager of Yutong Group Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries, Mr. Wang Zengfu, General Manager of Foundation Equipment Division of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries , and Ms. Li Limin, Manager of Technology Department of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries attended the meeting. .

Mr. Guo Xudong, Chairman and General Manager of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries attended the Forum of Foundation Construction Manufacturers as one of the representatives of the 100 Strongest Foundation Construction Enterprises in China, and conducted an in-depth analysis and explanation of the industry development prospects at the forum. Regarding the question of whether the market share of rotary drilling rigs can continue to grow in the next few years, Mr. Guo Xudong said: In the next few years, with the change of national policies, the incremental growth of the rotary drilling rig market may decline, and we as the equipment manufacturer can only by adhering to the original intention, the mission, the innovation, and principle of producing  good product , can the factory continue to develop steadily in the severe environment.

There is no doubt that the companies that can be selected into the "Top 100 Foundation Construction" are the backbone of China's foundation construction field. And only with their recognized pile machinery manufacturers can gain a foothold in the Chinese market and continue to develop.

Honor can only affirm the efforts made in the past, and in the future, we still have to work hard, Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries will continue to adhere to the "Customer-Centric" development concept and continue to create greater value for customers!

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