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Yutong Mining Equipment Participated in On-line Activities of the World Auto Innovation Conference


On November 8, the seventh on-line session of the World Auto Innovation Conference - Mining Truck Self-driving Seminar was concluded successfully. Yutong Mining Equipment was invited to participate to exchange ideas with the industry leaders from scientific research institutions, autonomous driving technology companies, complete vehicle manufacturers, supply chains and other fields, about the solutions to autonomous driving in mining scenarios.

Pan Xun, Unmanned Driving Senior Manager of Yutong Mining Equipment, said in his speech that since the company started development of battery electric mining trucks in 2018, it has achieved a comprehensive advantage in marketing, R&D, material selection, manufacturing, as well as quality control and service.

Yutong’s new energy mining trucks are equipped with its independently developed integrated controller, which shares the platform with the three e-systems of Yutong Bus. The protection of the vehicular HV electrical components reaches the standard of IP68 or above, achieving high integration with high standard and high-level support. The truck features an independently developed anti-condensation structure, a self-heating long-life battery for mining operation, and a special box-type welded rigid frame to ensure the vehicle reliability. In 2020, the by-wire control technology of Yutong Group was transferred to its mining trucks, and precise lateral control was supported by the integrated electric control of fully hydraulic steering system and the integrated displacement sensing system; dual power supply and built-in backup power supply were adopted for key parts to ensure the safe operation of trucks. At present, three truck models have been rolled out for the market.

When asked about “the considerations of Yutong Mining Equipment in selecting suppliers of autonomous driving solutions, its future opportunities of cooperation, and its plans for the key development areas”, Pan Xun responded frankly, saying that Yutong is adamant about electrification.

“Yutong’s choice is based on the market demand. First is environmental protection. Our BEVs have zero emission, which is consistent with the environmental protection requirements of local governments. Secondly, as to energy conservation, our sold e-trucks are mostly for the transportation of sand and gravel aggregate, cement and others, and the working condition for those mines is mainly downhill with heavy loads. Our measurement based on this shows that the energy use of a 90T truck per year is saved by about 900,000 yuan, which means one fuel truck costs 900,000 yuan more on fuel than the e-truck. Additionally for safety, the e-truck can achieve friction-free braking through electric braking, which is much safer, especially for winters, as electric braking can avoid the hidden danger of icing caused by spraying in cold weather.”

China’s mine autonomous driving industry is facing significant opportunities from the new era, and its new energy industry will also play a more important role in the mining arena. Yutong Mining Equipment will actively promote a smart mine innovation system with new technologies as the pillar, to lead the industry development and help miners prosper with green mines.

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