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Yutong Mining Equipment and Beijing Eacon Start Strategic Cooperation


On the morning of November 15, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Yutong Mining Equipment and Beijing Eacon (an unmanned driving company) and their first batch of trucks was held in Zhengzhou. The signing represents an official start of the strategic cooperation between the two companies, and it will accelerate the intelligent and low-carbon development of China’s mines.

As a core member of Yutong Group, Yutong Mining Equipment is the only battery electric mining truck brand in the industry capable of forward development with full intellectual property rights. Pioneering new energy mining trucks, the Yutong mining truck is the practitioner of the concept of sustainable development and the forerunner and promoter of green and low-carbon mines.

Yutong Mining Equipment promotes mine driver-less transportation for the vision of green intelligent mines. To this end, it joins hands with Eacon to boost the development of an eco-friendly mining industry. Eacon, as a company focused on the driver-less technology of mining trucks, pioneers regular operation of unmanned mining trucks without reducing speed or efficiency, and without safety officers on board.

Yu Zhiqiang, General Manager of Yutong Mining Equipment, said in his speech, “Yutong Mining Equipment has been committed to empowering mines with R&D, leading development with green technology, and providing low-cost transportation solutions for customers. In this regard, Eacon happens to share our ideas, and we can complement each other’s advantages. Through this cooperation, we will surely stand at the forefront of the development of intelligent, low-carbon and innovative mines in China.”

Zhang Lei, Chairman of Beijing Eacon, spoke highly of the strength of Yutong mining trucks, saying, “Yutong Mining Equipment is one of the earliest OEMs focused on the R&D and sales of wide-body mining trucks. Its products are superior in technology, material selection, workmanship, quality control and service, which can bring great value to partners. Powered by Yutong’s marketing of the mining truck and its advantages of three e-systems, Eacon will leverage its full stack of driver-less technical solutions and operation services to provide users with first-class driver-less mine products and services.”

Embracing the new business and future, Yutong Mining Equipment will further deepen cooperation with Beijing Eacon, to support the development of smart mines and empower intelligent mine operation with science and technology.

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