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10 Yutong YTK90E Battery Electric Mining Trucks Delivered to Thailand!


On April 7, Yutong officially shipped 10 YTK90E battery electric mining trucks, which will be delivered to TPI Polene Public Company Limited (TPIPL), the second largest cement producer in Thailand, for transporting stone between mines.

As a country rich in mineral resources, Thailand is always looking for a lower carbon transportation method to reduce carbon emissions. As a practitioner of green mining, Yutong is committed to providing users with more advanced mining equipment and solutions, and continues to actively promote the green development of the industry. Therefore, Yutong’s new energy mining trucks are consistent with the objective of Thailand mentioned above.

TPIPL is mainly engaged in the cement business. With a low electricity consumption of 1.75kWh/km in a heavy-duty downhill operation scenario, the daily energy consumption cost of a single Yutong battery electric mining truck is only $21.48, which significantly reduces customers’ operating costs. Yutong has mastered the technical advantages of batteries, motors and electric controls while its production has covered parts and components of the whole industrial chain. The cumulative sales volume has exceeded 170,000 vehicles, and the company has developed a full range of commercial vehicles, including buses, mining trucks, heavy trucks, light trucks, special vehicles and construction machinery.

In recent years, Yutong Group has been committed to developing into a global commercial vehicle group, and has sold more than 170,000 new energy commercial vehicles all over the world. Yutong’s commercial vehicles have already made a name for themselves in the world, and they are favored by customers in many countries and regions around the world.

Relying on Yutong Group’s vehicle production capacity, industrial operation capacity and technical advantages of new energy batteries, motors and electric controls, Yutong mining trucks provide energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable new energy mining truck products and solutions for mines, ports, hydropower engineering, infrastructure construction and other market segments, and have won market recognition with quality products and services. It is worth noting that new energy commercial vehicles have become a new growth driver, and new energy commercial vehicle brands, represented by Yutong, have a strong global competitiveness in terms of supply chain, technology, economy and service, promoting global high-quality construction through green technology and continuously supporting the global zero-carbon change.

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