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Grand Opening of Seminar on the Development of New Energy Heavy Truck Industry


On March 29, 2023, the Seminar on the Development of New Energy Heavy Truck Industry was held in Zhengzhou, China.

Prior to the official start of the seminar, experts and guests attending the seminar paid a visit to Yutong Heavy Truck's Brand Experience Center, Engineering Technology Center, New Energy Heavy Truck Exhibition Area and the production line of Slanpower, gaining insights into the brand strength and product quality of Yutong Heavy Truck

Since the dawn of 2023, the trend of electrification and connected vehicle has spread to the heavy truck industry, due to the technology progress and the need for environmentally-friendly, safe and economical products. The electric heavy truck market is about to soar. Seizing this opportunity, Yutong new energy dump truck has claimed the first spot in terms of sales volume in Chinese market for two consecutive years, an achievement which is made possible due to Yutong’s strong brand strength and excellent product performance

Oriented towards the market demand, the seminar discussed the development direction of the new energy heavy truck industry, in a bid to continuously improve the market performance of Yutong new energy heavy truck with product innovation. Participants at the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on “Source of Power for Driving the New Energy Heavy Truck Industry” and “What New Energy Heavy Trucks Are Needed in the Market”, so as to promote industry information sharing, exchanges and cooperation.
The heavy truck industry is now developing rapidly and experiencing profound changes. The momentum of new energy indicates that a blue ocean market with unlimited potential is on the horizon. Adhering to “customer orientation” and “creating value for customers”, Yutong will continuously carry out forward-looking R&D, keep launching competitive new energy heavy truck products with even higher standards to meet the demand in various operating scenarios

“In order to respond to the government’s call, seek innovation and promote transformation, we finally selected Yutong new energy heavy truck after careful comparison among several truck makers. With its efficiency, reliability, higher utilization rate and better service, Yutong heavy trucks helped us save about RMB 20,000 each month, truly achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement.” said Song Wenju, General Manager of Henan Longrui Earthwork Engineering Co., Ltd.

With a forward-looking perspective and a clear understanding of the needs of the industry, Yutong Heavy Truck Energy-Saving Driving Challenge commenced following the Seminar. The contest aims at pushing us further and harder among challenges, and better displaying the performance of Yutong Heavy Trucks to customers in multiple dimensions.Cheng Hui, Deputy General Manager of Yutong Heavy Trucks Marketing Company, explained the rules of the activity, and sincerely invited the drivers and fans of Yutong heavy truck nationwide to actively participate in the Challenge and contend for the championship which carries a monetary reward of 1000 yuan.

Sincerity and win-win cooperation. With the “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” strategy in mind and foreseeing the industry trend, Yutong New Energy Heavy Trucks is committed to providing customers with better comprehensive transportation solutions, and continuously improving the product performance based on the actual operation scenarios of customers so as to meet the real needs of customers. Yutong Heavy Trucks will cooperate with more partners in the future to set a benchmark for the development of the industry.

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