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Committed to Low-carbon and Eco-Friendliness, Yutong Delivered in Batches Battery Electric Mining Trucks to Chongqing


On the morning of September 5, Yutong Mining Equipment, together with Jiangyu Building Materials (JYBM) and Guangdong Blasting Engineering Company, held a batch delivery ceremony of battery electric mining truck in Chongqing, China. “The three electric systems (battery, motor and control) of Yutong battery electric mining truck matter the most to us. Its design of higher safety technical standards has withstood the long-term market testing, proving safe, reliable, efficient and trustworthy.” At the delivery ceremony, Yang Peijun, General Manager of JYBM, said that promoting the new energy mining equipment is the unswerving strategic pursuit of JYBM and the inevitable choice of green mine construction. After strict preliminary screening and comparison, JYBM and Yutong Mining Equipment have established a cooperative partnership.

Zhao Wenshuai, Deputy General Manager (Sales) of Zhengzhou Yutong Mining Equipment Co., Ltd., said that the product feedback from users includes “strong environmental adaptability, stability and reliability, high attendance rate and high cost efficiency”. In the future, Yutong Mining Equipment will continue to provide leading mining equipment and solutions, to become the leader in the new energy mining equipment industry.

In addition to eco-friendliness, high efficiency and energy conservation, Yutong battery electric mining trucks also feature low maintenance cost, which will comprehensively boost corporate green development, improve operating efficiency, and realize both social and economic benefits.

Yutong Mining Equipment will be consistent in serving customers with new energy mining equipment and integrated solutions of “high reliability, high safety, high efficiency, high eco-friendliness”, as part of its commitment to sustainable development, and the common efforts for “Green Generation”!

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