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Yutong Mining Truck and Esheng Group Join Hands for Win-Win Outcomes


“Initial selection was out of trust, and multiple purchases later were due to recognition.” Said at the delivery site of Yutong battery electric mining truck in April 2022, these sincere words by the head of Esheng Group are testimonies to the three successful handshakes between Yutong Mining Equipment and Esheng Group on mining trucks, from the diesel version to hybrid later, and to the current battery electric versions.

When commenting on the performance of the Yutong BEV mining truck, the head of Esheng Group mining area said, “Since the introduction of Yutong BEV mining vehicles, the profitability has increased obviously. Thanks to the technology of heavy-duty downhill power generation, one BEV mining truck of Yutong consumes over 90% less energy annually, compared with the diesel version. These trucks feature high safety performance and high attendance rate; they are also eco-friendly by cutting emissions of about 3,000 tons per year; and the 24-hour after-sales service of Yutong has guaranteed the normal operation of the mining area.”

In May 2020, Esheng Group initiated the maiden cooperation with Yutong battery electric mining vehicles. Ten months later, based on the examination of the attendance rate and operating efficiency of Yutong battery electric mining trucks, Esheng Group ordered another batch of Yutong BEV mining truck, which were tailor-made according to the operating conditions of the mining area and the driving habits. On April 26, 2022, another batch of 20 customized BEV mining truck of Yutong was delivered to Esheng Group.

After the three purchases of Yutong BEV mining trucks, the Esheng Group representative said that these Yutong trucks can maintain high operating efficiency with no power loss under extreme working conditions of temperatures, humidity and altitude, which has proven unparalleled by traditional fuel vehicles, and the high attendance rate and transportation efficiency of Yutong BEV mining trucks have also improved the operating efficiency significantly.

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