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Yutong NEV Becomes “New Player” in the Cement Industry


Against the backdrop of the Chinese government pledge to achieve carbon emission peak by 2030, electric energy, wind energy and solar energy, as substitutes of coal, have boomed in all sectors of China;

As a pioneer in the new energy vehicle (NEV) industry, Yutong has started to develop NEV buses since 1999, the sales of which have exceeded 160,000 units up to now. After 22 years of technology accumulation and market testing, Yutong Bus has possessed mature battery electric technology. Given the eco-friendly orientation of industries, Yutong follows the trend of the times and vigorously develops new energy sanitation vehicle, construction machinery, mining equipment and commercial vehicles by relying on its new energy technological strength, occupying an important position in the Chinese market;

At present, Yutong Group’s BEV mining truck, mixer truck, dump truck and tractor are widely used in the cement industry, such as ore mining transportation, and transportation of cement products; Since the first unit roll-out in 2018, Yutong battery electric mining trucks have been operated in batches in 80 mining areas of 27 provinces nationwide, with the total operating mileage exceeding 12 million km, the maximum mileage per vehicle over 160,000 km, and the market share over 70%, and they have contributed to the development of green mines in the cement industry;

When commenting on the performance of Yutong BEV mining truck, the head of a famous cement group said, “Since the introduction of Yutong BEV mining vehicles, the profitability has increased obviously. Thanks to the technology of heavy-load downhill power generation, one BEV mining truck consumes over 90% less energy annually, compared with the diesel counterpart. These trucks feature high safety performance and high attendance rate; They are also quite eco-friendly by cutting emission of about 3,000 tons per year; and the 24-hour after-sales service of Yutong can guarantee the normal operation of the mining area.”

Compared with the same type diesel wide-body vehicle, Yutong BEV mining trucks save 50,000 yuan per year, and one team is free of 2.5-person cost (less maintenance cost due to removal of engine and gearbox); The operating efficiency of BEV trucks is 30% higher than the diesel counterpart (BEV truck 25km/h, fuel truck 15km/h), so five BEV trucks are as efficient as six diesel wide-body trucks.

And Yutong mixer truck was also spoke highly of by the head of a concrete benchmark enterprise from Henan Province, who said, “The core of NEV is the three E-systems (battery, motor and control), and Yutong’s strength in that is well known. The operating cost of Yutong BEV mixer truck per 100 km is only 50 yuan, 75% less than the fuel mixer truck. If the truck runs 180 kilometers per day, we can recover the additional purchase cost in about 3-4 years. In addition to the low operating cost, the BEV mixer truck is also more driver-friendly, so all drivers ask for it.”

At present, the environmental protection has been increasingly valued by the public, and as a leader in China’s NEV industry, Yutong always practices energy-saving, environmental protection and low-carbon transportation. To meet the low-carbon demand of customers, it constantly diversifies new energy portfolio for public transport, infrastructure, urban sanitation, mining and urban logistics, including BEV mining trucks, tractors and mixers to boost the green and low-carbon transportation of the cement industry.

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