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April-Yutong Value Discovery Tour


In April, foundation construction experts from all over the country successively visited Yutong to participate in the "Yutong Value Exploration Journey" event.

Henan Foundation Construction Expert Group, Sanjin Foundation Alliance Member, Guangxi Foundation Construction Expert Group, Sichuan-Tibet Foundation Alliance Member, Anhui Foundation Construction Expert Group, etc. visited Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries respectively. Mr. Guo Xudong, Chairman and General Manager of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang Zengfu, General Manager of Foundation Equipment Division of Zhengzhou Zony Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.participated in the reception and expressed their heartfelt welcome to all friends on behalf of the company.

First stop: Corporate exhibition hall

Under the guidance of the interpreter, customers walked into the corporate exhibition hall to explore Yutong's development history for more than 60 years, and witnessed Yutong's high light moment. Country leaders care about sending instructions, military-enterprise cooperation relies on quality and technological innovation to lead the trend. In the long history, Yutong has won wide praise from customers for its excellent product quality and considerate after-sales service. In the future, we will continue to work hard, keep our mission in mind, and make great achievements!

Second stop: Workshop

The single-trip transportation distance is 3.6km, the heavy-load downhill road conditions, the altitude of the material loading point is 5009.7m, the altitude of the unloading point is 4719.92m, and the drop is 290m. The comprehensive slope is 4.6 degrees. Run 14 times, the initial power is 80%, the termination power is 83%, and the average recoil is 1.8 kWh. Yutong New Energy supported the backbone of the new energy industry with 113,000 vehicles in operation!

Third stop: conference discussions, technical questions and answers

During the meeting, the company leaders first had a cordial and friendly exchange with customers and friends. The two sides discussed the development prospects of foundation  industry and continued to deepen cooperation in terms of technology, engineering methods and other aspects. After the meeting, the participants took a group photo in front of the comprehensive office building!

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