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Yutong Mining Equipment Awarded “Top100 Suppliers in China’s Cement Industry”


From July 11 to 12, “2022 China Cement Industry Summit and Top100 Awarding Ceremony” was held in Hangzhou.

Since the first battery electric mining vehicle of Yutong Mining Equipment went off-line on July 11, 2018, Yutong battery electric mining trucks have traveled through 28 provincial administrative regions and served more than 80 mining areas for four years. They have been in safe operation for 1400 days and covered an accumulative distance of more than 12 million kilometers. With the excellent quality and services, they have become a reliable partner in the development of the cement industry.

Yutong Mining Equipment was invited to attend the summit, where it was awarded “2021 Top100 Suppliers in China’s Cement Industry”, which not only represented the recognition by the cement industry to the brand strength and industry status of Yutong Mining Equipment, but also highlighted the reliable quality and good market reputation of the company.

After years of accumulation, Yutong Mining Equipment has established a complete database of mining truck operation and built an adaptability data model for battery electric mining truck. The truck solution is tailor-made for each mining site through configuration combination and simulation analysis to maximize the adaptability of the product and solution to mining operations, and help customers achieve both social and economic benefits.

To speed up green and low-carbon circular economic development in an all-round way will be impossible without the guidance and persistence of industry leaders. Yutong Mining Equipment will continue on its path of green development through innovation, in provision of more reliable and safe products and services for various application scenarios in the mining equipment segment.

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