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YTR430C Rotary Drilling Rig

YTR430C crawler rotary drilling rig adopts CAT chassis, which improves the reliability of the chassis. Large triangle amplitude mechanism is adopted to make the rig construction more stable. Rear main hoisting, long wire rope life; The configuration of enhanced 580 drill pipe has high reliability; The power head has two modes: large torque mode and adaptive mode. The rotary drilling machine has high efficiency, strong adaptability, good stability and strong shock resistance. It is very suitable for drilling into rock and construction of large pile and deep pile.

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Max. Drilling Diameter (mm) 3000
Standard Drilling Depth (m) 66
Max. Drilling Depth (m) 76/116(optional)
Engine Engine Model C13 ACER
Engine Manufacturer CAT
Rated Power (kW) 328
Rotary Drive Max. Output Torque (kN•m) 430
Revolutio (r/min) 5~22
Gears Two Speed


Max. Push Force (kN) 350
Max. Lift Force (kN) 350
Push Stroke (mm) 7500
Main Winch Lift Force (kN) 435
Max. Descending Speed (m/min) 66
Winch Location (mm) 40
Wire Rope Diameter Rear
Mast Front Inclination Angle (°) 15
Left & Right Inclination Angle  (°) 3.5
Chassis Track Shoe Width(mm) 1000
Traction Force (kN) 900
Track Length(mm) 5860
Dimension Working Condition Width(mm) 5500
Working Condition Height(mm) 27520
Transportation Condition Length(mm) 18200
Transp01tation Condition Height(mm) 3600
Transportation Condition飞νidth(mm) 3900
Weight Working Condition (t) 135
Transportation Condition (t) 80
Kelly Bar Standard Kelly Bar Specification Interlock Type φ580-4X18m-200B
Longest Kelly Bar Friction Type φ580-6X21m-200B
Standard Kelly Bar Transport Dimension(mm) 19650X860X860
Longest Kelly Bar Transport Dimension(mm) 22650X860X860
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