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YTR230Dpro Rotary Drilling Rig

Yutong rotary drilling rig, reliable, efficient, low-cost, intelligent incarnation, won 21 national patents; advanced technology to make the machine can drill whatever hard stratum. Except for being able to cope with the efficient construction of sand, clay, silty soil, pebble layer and other common stratum, it is also a “sharp weapon” for construction of complicated stratum such as hard rock and karst after being equipped with impact hammers, compaction & expanding hammers and other drilling tools. It is widely used in foundation construction of bore pile such as high-speed railway, bridges and real estate.

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1、Doushan chassis reliability is high

2、SPC intelligent power control, fuel saving 20%-25%

3、Efficient and reliable

4、Single row of rope after the main winch


 Item YTR230Dpro


Max. Drilling Diameter (mm) 2000
Standard Drilling Depth (m) 52
Max. Drilling Depth (m) 54/68
Engine Engine Model DC09
Engine Manufacturer SCANIA
Rated Power (kW) 232
Rotary Drive Max. Output Torque (kN•m) 246
Revolutio (r/min) 6~32
Gears Two Speed


Max. Push Force (kN) 215
Max. Lift Force (kN) 230
Push Stroke (mm) 6000
Main Winch Lift Force (kN) 240
Max. Descending Speed (m/min) 70
Winch Location (mm) 32
Wire Rope Diameter Rear
Mast Front Inclination Angle (°) 3
Left & Right Inclination Angle  (°) 3.5
Chassis Track Shoe Width(mm) 800
Traction Force (kN) 410
Track Length(mm) 4950
Dimension Working Condition Width(mm) 4500
Working Condition Height(mm) 22370
Transportation Condition Length(mm) 16300
Transp01tation Condition Height(mm) 3590
Transportation Condition飞νidth(mm) 3200
Weight Working Condition (t) 76.8
Transportation Condition (t) 65
Kelly Bar Standard Kelly Bar Specification Interlock Type φ440-4X14.5m-200B(Drilling Depth 52m)
Longest Kelly Bar Friction Type φ440-5X15m-200B(Drilling Depth 68m)
Standard Kelly Bar Transport Dimension(mm) 15950X650X650
Longest Kelly Bar Transport Dimension(mm) 16450X650X650
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