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YTR206AE Rotary Drilling Rig

The YTR200AE full electric rotary drilling rig is a pure electric rotary drilling rig driven by a motor. The power source of the rotary drilling rig is changed from an engine to a battery while the complicated main hydraulic system is turned into a simple wiring harness and the hydraulic control is turned into a more intelligent electronic control. The motor directly drives the reducer, power head and winch.

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1、Very economical, energy consumption is 60% less than fuel

2、Very efficient, the overall efficiency of the drilling rig increased by 25%

3、Very durable, super long warranty for three-electric system
4、Very environmentally friendly, zero emission and low noise

5、Very smart, intelligent monitoring of vehicle status

6、Very convenient, providing three modes of power supply: battery power supply, grid power supply and hybrid power supply


Item Unit Technical parameter
The maximum drill diameter mm 1800
The maximum drill depth m 64(51)
Maximum output torque of power head kN.m 206
Motor power of power head kW 240
Speed of power head rpm 10.5~30
Total battery capacity kWh 200(350)
10%-90% fast charge time h 1-2
Average energy consumption power kWh 60-65
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