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YTQH55HD Heavy Duty Cycle Crawler Crane

YTQU55HD is a fully-slewing, multi-section truss boom combination, fully hydraulically driven heavy duty cycle crawler crane developed by Yutong Heavy lndustries to meet market demand. By using additional device it can realize multi-function, such as lifting heavy cargos, working with casing oscillator, diesel hammer, vibro hammer, vibration hammer, pile driver, clamshell bucket for removal of soil from deep foundation pits, pull shovel ( dragline bucket). It can reach the advanced level of domestic similar products and can be widely used in the construction industry of transpo1tation, chemical, energy, water conservancy, municipal, civil engineering, metallurgy, steel and so on.

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1、Max. line speed 110 m/min;

2、Max. hammer grab weight 5 ton.;

3、Free fa11 winch with max. line pull 10 ton.;

4、Reserved connection device for oscillator (Connection device optional).


Specification Units YTQU55HD
Lifting Capacity t•m 55×3.4
Basic Boom Length m 13
Max. Main Boom m 37(Optional 52)
Main Boom Luffmg Angle ° 30~80
NO. of partline 8
Travel Speed km/h 1.45
Slewing Speed rpm 2.6
Main Winch dia. of rope mm 22
Main Winch Max. line Speed m/min 110
Main Winch Max. line pull kN 100
Main Winch Rope Length m 170
Aux. Winch Dia. of rope mm 20
Aux. Winch Max. line speed m/min 70
Aux. Winch Max. line pull kN 70
Aux. Winch Rope Length m 130
Boom Winch Dia. of rope mm 16
Boom Winch Max. line speed m/min 65
Boom Winch Max. line pull kN 80
Boom Winch Rope Length m 140
Engine Model QSL5.9-C180
Engine Power kW 132@2000rpm
Engine Output torque Nm 800/1500rpm
Counter Weight t 17.5
Grade ability % 40
Net Weight t ~52
Ground Pressure MPa 0.069
Hook t 5、30
Basic Maehinc Weight t 31
Transportation Dimension mm 7200X3360X3360
Casing Rotator Diameter m 1.3
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