Truck Mounted Bridge Inspection Platform

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Truck Mounted Bridge Inspection Platform

Truck Mounted Bridge Inspection Platform

Yutong truss type complete bridge inspection vehicle is integrated with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and communication technologies. It features such highlights as easy operation of inspection and testing, uninterrupted traffic, flexible operation, high operating efficiency, excellent safety, superior reliability, etc.


  • Air suspension chassis

    Designed with stronger passing ability and for optimized NVH characteristics and safety and better stability

  • Lightweight

    The whole system of the work platform is made of aviation aluminum alloy, with light weight and high strength

  • Two-level span

    Ordinary span and large span models are integrated for multiple functions.

  • Remote crossover

    With the application of new structures, we may effectively solve the problems of complex operating conditions, e.g. segregation facilities with sidewalks.

  • Optimized span height

    Our products can basically across all types of acoustic barriers, fences and other facilities.


Yutong truss type complete bridge inspection vehicle is integrated with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and communication technologies and features safety and reliability, wide application, and high work efficiency: The cylinder is designed with automatic limit function, providing 2-level security, ensuring operating safety and reliability. And, the bridge inspection vehicle may have a maximum span width up to 3.6 meters and a maximum span height of 4.9 meters, which may perform testing on the most of bridges, featuring automatic traveling function, and greatly improving productivity.

  • Weighing display alarm system: If the platform load reaches the setpoint of the safe load, an alarm will occur to shut off the fuel circuit of the system, stop operation, and effectively solve the overloading problem. The technology has been awarded state utility model patent.
  • The eddy current retarder is used for auxiliary brake and slowdown, reducing the revolution of the drive shaft by electromagnetic-field braking. Finally, the brake liners are active to effectively solve the overheating brake, increase the vehicle operating safety and save maintenance costs.
  • With air suspension, the chassis height may be adjusted by the electronically controlled air suspension system in a real-time way, ensuring extreme high passing ability; self-adapting to highway conditions for higher driving stability and safety, and comfortable operation and control.
  • Due to large-wheel drive of transfer case, a traveling tire has a large contact area, a large adhesive force. With chassis inter-axle differential and inter-wheel differential, the vehicle can normally run on a complicated highway.
  • High-strength aviation-grade aluminum alloy truss and scientifically advanced simulation allow to attain the real forces of the key components during operation and verify that the theoretical design is correct.