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More than 100 Million are Reserved on Site, and Yutong’s Full Electric Rotary Drill is Officially Unveiled!


It is the advancement of science and technology that redefines the era again and again, and Yutong has never stopped exploring innovation on this road!

On November 22, 2020, the Yutong Rotary Drill New Product Launch Conference was held in Hangzhou. So far, the world's first full electric rotary drill with direct motor drive has officially unveiled.

The products of this conference are new breakthrough for the industry. More than 700 industry experts came from all over the country to witness the birth of this epoch-making product together!

Furthermore, after in-depth understanding of the product, many customers expressed their intention to buy at the dinner, and the total amount of intention reservations has exceeded 100 million yuan.

The YTR200AE full electric rotary drilling rig launched at the conference not only changes the power source, but also redefines the energy transmission channel and method, so that the new energy technology can be effectively applied to the rotary drilling rig!

Then follow me to learn about the shining point of this epoch-making product!

01 Very economical

Energy consumption is 60% less than fuel,
And electricity consumption reduces the capital load.
No engine maintenance costs,
The frequency of hydraulic maintenance is reduced by half.
The motor is directly driven, with high transmission efficiency,
Up to more than 83%
With braking energy recovery of the main winch,
More than 20% of energy can be recovered.
Combining these three points, after working 10,000 hours,
Compared with the same type of oil drilling rig,
It saves over a million.

02 Very efficient

The output power of the power head is increased by more than 40%,
The maximum lifting and lowering speed of the main winch can reach 80 m/min,
The life of the wire rope is increased by more than 30%.
Shake and knock are combined to achieve faster efficiency.
The overall efficiency of the drilling rig can be increased by 25%,
Working for 10,000 hours,
Can increase profits by about 1 million.

03 Very durable

5 years/10,000 hours of super long warranty for three-electric system,
Escort you.
Using full electric drive, the energy transfer efficiency is not attenuated,
Ensure efficient construction throughout the life cycle.
Low failure, high value preservation,
After 10,000 hours, the coefficient of value preservation exceeds 50%.

04 Very environmentally friendly

Zero emission
Very in line with the environmental protection requirements and policies strongly advocated by the country,
There is no risk of vehicle aging and substandard emissions.
Low noise,
There are fewer restrictions on construction in cities or at night,
Extend the working hours.

05 Very smart

Through APP, intelligently monitor vehicle status.
Through monitoring data analysis, customize precise operation mode.
Through the background control and modification of the program, meet the personalized needs.

06 Very convenient

Three modes of power supply,
Battery power supply, grid power supply, hybrid power supply.
According to the site conditions,
Free choice, very flexible operation.

It will definitely make money,compared to the fuel oil 200 drilling rig, after working for 10,000 hours, according to our calculations, in terms of energy consumption, maintenance, efficiency improvement, etc., Yutong full electric rotary drilling rig can create an additional value of more than 2.4 million.

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