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Global Debut of Yutong New Energy Light Truck T Series


With the theme of “Better Technology, Better Logistics”, Yutong New Energy Light Truck T Series Global Debut and Delivery Ceremony of the First Batch was grandly held on March 25, in Beijing. As a pioneering product in the 3.0 era, Yutong New Energy Light Truck T series take the “professional commercial electrification platform” as the core, drive the new energy light truck products to enter a new development stage, deeply interpret the natural needs of “more economical, more convenient and more durable”, bring new value to users and promote the high-quality transformation of urban logistics with excellent performance.

Under the guidance of the “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” strategy, the green transformation of the commercial vehicle industry is accelerating. Demand creates the market. Facing the opportunities of times, more and more commercial vehicle enterprises are making all-out efforts to “new energy” track.

Sun Fengchun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles, said, “Compared with previous products, Yutong’s new energy light truck T series products have made leapfrog progress, and they are very close to my ideal new energy commercial vehicles. With the support of Yutong International's leading technology, technical team, technical platform and development equipment, we have reasons to believe that Yutong’s new energy commercial vehicles and new energy light trucks will continue to improve and maintain their leading advantages, lead the second half of the development of new energy commercial vehicles with high efficiency, energy saving and intelligent networking as the main technical direction to make new achievements.”

Gu Dehua, Chairman and General Manager of Yutong Light Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., said, “With the support of the Group’s more than 20 years of technology accumulation, Yutong Light Truck has fully mastered and led the core technologes of new energy commercial vehicles. During the long-term development that focuses on new energy commercial vehicles, it has formed three-major-chain capabilities of complete and leading new energy core resources. As the pioneering product of China’s new energy light truck 3.0 era, Yutong’s new energy light truck T series, under the collaboration of ‘coupling of industrial, innovation and value chains’, create a “new benchmark for green, intelligent and efficient transportation” with innovative technology and industry-leading professional commercial electrification platform, and bring better vehicle use experience and higher operational value to new energy users in urban logistics with excellent product power.

As an epoch-making product, Yutong new energy light truck T series realize six leapfrog achievements, including platform, safety, battery, efficiency, quality assurance and value, endowing the complete vehicle with the core value of “More economical, more convenient and more durable”. In terms of more economical, the product creates greater operation value for users with the excellent performance of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost and long battery life; In terms of more convenient, with the support of the new electrification platform, Yutong Light Truck not only firstly applies integrated battery packs and 8 intelligent vehicular controls in the industry, but also provides the industry's longest warranty of 8 years/400,000 km for batteries, realizing a comprehensive leap in vehicle use experience. In terms of more durable, it adheres to high-standard quality requirements. The vehicle has passed the “three-dimensional” quality inspection system. Through the battery crash test, corrosion resistance test and other strict verification of systematic reliability, it endows the product with reliable and durable quality attributes. At the event site, Yutong new energy light truck T series were evaluated and recognized by authoritative vehicle testing and certification institutions.

Better technology, better logistics. As a more professional new energy commercial vehicle enterprise, Yutong, based on the needs of users, highly restores the core essence of light trucks as the means of production, and deeply integrates its cutting-edge new energy technologies and innovations of commercial vehicles with the urban logistics operation scenarios, not just providing users with higher operation value in terms of product performance, moreover, introducing the brand-new “electrification platform” for new energy light truck industry to lead the industry into the 3.0 era!

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