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Yutong New Energy
Mixer Truck

  • 10330×2570×3960 Length×Width×Height(mm)
  • 1950+3200+1350 Wheelbase
  • 14980/15180Kerb mass(kg)


Product Advantage


Lead by technology, win the future+

Yutong new energy mixer truck has been fully upgraded around four core attributes: energy saving and environmental protection, strong power, smart safety, reliability and durability.


Energy saving and environmental protection, our bounden responsibility+

Maximum efficiency ≥ 97.5%

  • High efficiency drive, powerful
    The highly efficient motor, with a maximum efficiency of ≥ 97.5%, leads the industry. With high electric energy conversion rate, it is more energy saving.
  • Heating and cooling, more economical
    The integrated thermal management configuration is adopted for the first time in the industry, which reduces the heating energy consumption of driver cabin by more than 30% and saves energy by more than 10% for the driver cabin cooling.
  • Energy recovery, longer range
    The proportion of brake energy recovery under standard working conditions is more than 30%, thus improving the safety of downhill driving and prolonging the service life of the brake system.

Strong power, strong performance+

Max. horsepower: 610
Maximum torque: 3000N·m
Transmission efficiency increased to over 97.47%

  • Steady climbing
    The maximum horsepower of the motor is 610, and the maximum torque is 3000N·m, which means the power is sufficient, thus easy climbing.
  • Smooth gear shifting
    Yutong independently developed a four-gear transmission control system, and the transmission efficiency increased to over 97.47%, making the gear shifting smoother.
  • Anti-slip
    Yutong has developed the function of drive anti-slip, which realizes the hill-start assist control.
  • Easy to control
    The driving operation is more convenient when accurately moving and parking the vehicle on narrow roads and aligning the charging port with the tank.

High technology, high proficiency+

  • Easy and comfortable driving experience
    Equipped with push-to-start, column shifter, driver seat with airbag shock absorption, etc., it makes the operation easier and improves driving comfort.
  • Eight intelligent driver-assistance functions
    Equipped with functions such as emergency assist for pedal misapplication (EAPM) , anti-collision early warning, lane departure early warning, fatigue driving warning alarm, hill-start assist control and 360° panoramic view, the driving will be safer.
  • Big data management
    Through the APP, the vehicle can be monitored for 24 hours and the information such as vehicle power, energy consumption, location and fault data can be monitored in real time, thus improving the level of operation management.
  • Intelligent battery thermal management
    Self-adaptive temperature regulation technology makes the battery always in the best working temperature range, thus prolonging the service life of the battery.

Smart upperstructure, efficient operation+

  • Shakable tank body, non-solidification
    Yutong mixer truck can quickly change the rotating direction of tank body, thus effectively prevent concrete solidification and unloading more cleanly.
  • New type of blade, quick to unload
    All blades adopt a new straight fluidized-bed structure, and the unloading speed is fast.
  • Large capacity water tank, easy to clean
    Large-capacity aluminum alloy water tank with a capacity of over 400L is convenient for cleaning; High pressure resistant water pipe has a longer service life.
  • Integrated design, high efficiency
    Direct drive of motor + reducer reduces intermediate transmission links and energy loss, improving efficiency by more than 20%.

Reliable and durable, mature high voltage system+

With a mature high voltage system (battery, motor and controller) in the commercial vehicle field, more than 170,000 vehicles in operation and a driving mileage of over 36 billion kilometers, Yutong commercial vehicle leads the world.

  • High fire resistance standard for batteries
    The fire resistance standard of the battery can reach no fire and explosion at the high temperature of 1300℃ for 30 minutes; The battery thermal failure standard can achieve 60 minutes without fire and explosion.
  • Improved drive motor reliability
    Yutong adopts technologies such as anti-condensation structure, long-service-life bearing, self-compensation oil seal for wear and high anti-vibration plug-in to improve the reliability of drive motor, ensuring long-term and reliable operation of vehicles in complex environment.
  • Eight-in-one controller
    Yutong pioneered the eight-in-one controller, which reduced the number of high-voltage connection points by 53%. With higher integration and lower fault rate, the controller is more reliable.
  • Upgraded protection grade of high voltage system
    The protection grade meets IP68+IP6K9K, the highest standard in the industry, and it can easily cope with the harsh working conditions of frequent water spraying and wading.

Professional and efficient services, make you fully enjoy driving+

With a sound service system, professional service team, thoughtful value-added service activities and accurate and fast genuine parts service, we provide you with a professional, convenient and high-quality after-sales service experience.
Housekeeper-style fixed point service, make the service more professional, efficient and considerate.

Configuration Parameter

  • Basic parameters
  • New energy configuration
  • Chassis configuration
  • Driver cabin configuration
  • Electrical equipment configuration
  • Upperstructure system
  • Basic parameters
    Length×Width×Height (mm) 10330×2570×3960
    Wheelbase 1950+3200+1350
    Kerb mass (kg) 14980/15180


  • New energy configuration
    Traction battery 350kWh lithium iron phosphate battery
    Transmission AMT transmission
    Motor 330/450kW Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
    Motor controller Yutong integrated control unit (ICU)
  • Chassis configuration
    Suspension system Few leaf springs
    Tire 12R22.5 315/80R22.5 (optional)
    Front axle 2×5.5t
    Drive axle 2×16t
    Brake system ABS EBS (optional)
  • Driver cabin configuration
    Driver cabin 2.5m-wide flat roof extra cab, separate metal bumper
    Seats Driver seat with airbag shock absorption
    Steering wheel Multi-function steering wheel
    Dashboard Color LCD instrument cluster
    Sleeper Lower Bed
  • Electrical equipment configuration
    Air conditioning system Air conditioning and heating system
    Headlamp LED combination headlamp
  • Upperstructure system
    Stirring capacity 8/10/12m³
    Drive type Motor+reducer+controller


    This configuration table is for reference only and not used as the basis for contract negotiation. The actual vehicle shall prevail.