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Yutong New Energy
Light Truck T-Series

  • 5995×2140×3130 Overall dimensions(mm)
  • 3360 Wheelbase (mm)
  • 3500 Rated load (kg)


Product Advantage


Product profile+

New Energy Light Truck, a new benchmark for logistics vehicles.

  • Brand new appearance
    The integrated design of electric grille and brand-new LED headlamp, high-tech blue metal appearance, bring a new era of innovative logistics.
  • High integration
    The integrated battery pack and the exclusive e-axle for battery electric vehicles meet more individual needs.
  • Comfortable driving and riding
    The car-like interior style and quality provide a luxurious driving, riding and resting experience.
  • Various upper structures
    Three upper structure types of box, dropside and refrigeration, covering full application scenarios.

Technology highlights+

Six upgrades leapfrogging experiences: Platform upgrade, Safety upgrade, Battery upgrade, Efficiency upgrade, Warranty upgrade, Value upgrade.

  • Platform upgrade: Leading e-platform with comprehensive upgrades in performance
    Yutong Light Truck open a New Era of Urban Logistics: It has been deeply engaging in the field of commercial vehicles, with three-chain integration (commercial vehicle industry chain,  technological innovation chain and customer value chain) , and has leading advantages in new energy technology, vehicle R&D and manufacturing.

Safety upgrade-1+

High protection level, strong wading capability and short braking distance.

  • Comprehensive brake upgrade
    Pneumatic disc brake, with the braking distance 4m shorter than that of the industry to ensure safety of each travel.
  • Upgrade of battery, motor and electric control
    A number of high-tech materials and technologies have been applied, and strict test standards have been implemented for battery, motor and electric control systems to create excellent products.
    Fireproof: high fire resistance rating, capable of withstanding 1300°C fire for 30min without burning through, far higher than the national standard.
    Waterproof: IP68&IP6K9K, the highest in the industry.
    Anti-collision: The battery pack can withstand a collision of 900 kg at 30 km/h, making it safer.

Safety upgrade-2+

  • Intelligent control upgrade
    Eight intelligent vehicle controls: hill-start assist, emergency assist for pedal misapplication, traction control system, cruise control system, low speed control, intelligent acceleration control, intelligent energy recovery control, composite braking system, etc. to safeguard each logistics person.
    Six human-vehicle intelligent interactions: intelligent self-inspection after power-on, fatigue reminder, reminder of sharp depressing on the accelerator pedal, bad driving behavior reminder, driver off-seat reminder and reminder of high-speed impact on energy consumption to improve driving safety.

Battery upgrade+

Industry-leading brand-new integrated battery module.

  • Integrated battery pack
    The energy density can reach 160~165 Wh/kg, about 12% higher than that in the industry (taking 100 kWh as an example, weight reduction about 40 kg) .

  • Intelligent battery balancing
    The battery can be balanced without full charge, which solves the problem of poor cell consistency caused by insufficient power and fast battery life decay.

  • Intelligent battery thermal management
    All models are equipped with liquid cooling and battery heating films as standard to prevent battery overheating or under-heating, thus prolonging its service life by more than 10%.

  • Anti-condensation design in the battery pack
    The built-in humidity sensor in the pack can intelligently fill dry gas when the temperature is
    ≥60% to prevent condensation.

Efficiency upgrade+

10%+ longer driving range under the same power and working conditions.

  • Four lifetime maintenance-free designs more economical
    Maintenance-free wheel ends for front and rear axles, maintenance-free motor, drag link and leaf spring.
  • Multiple platforms, more capacity
    Superior loading capacity, large battery capacity, diversified upper structures and 18.5m³ super-large cargo box for various operation scenarios.

  • Ultra-high energy efficiency, more power saving
    Yutong’s exclusive YEA technology saves more power and money and the energy consumption is lower than that in the industry by more than 10% under comprehensive working conditions.
    ① Intelligent vehicle energy management technology;
    ② Enhanced regenerative braking energy recovery;
    ③ Integrated e-axle;
    ④ High-efficiency motor matching technology based on all working conditions, with the largest range of high efficiency areas;
    ⑤ Low vehicular wind resistance design;
    ⑥ Low rolling resistance tire.

  • Charging with 120kW charging pile: 20%-80%
    Time: <1h

    Note: 1. The charging time is based on the normal temperature and battery capacity of 100kWh;
    2. A low-power charger is optional.

  • Multiple battery capacities available Longer driving range with the same battery energy
    Integrated battery pack, with mileage more than 10% higher than that of the industry.

  • Strong power, fast and stable
    0-50km/h full-load acceleration leads the industry, start fast; intelligent adaptive technology enables smooth and stable acceleration under different loads.

Warranty upgrade & Value upgrade+

  • Warranty upgrade: Ultra-long warranty period for battery, motor and electric control, 3 years more service life and 200,000 km longer driving range. The vehicle quality is more guaranteed, while the vehicle purchase and use are more assured to free you of worries.
  • Value upgrade: Superior low-capacity cost solutions to create greater value for customers.

  • Global service network
    Yutong has established 20 offices worldwide, with a properly distributed service network covering 98 countries and regions, and 332 service outlets.
  • The most stringent reliability test standard in the industry (30,000 km reliability verification)
    High-speed loop climbing and wading.

Configuration Parameter

  • Technical Specifications
  • Vehicle model T5
    Cab Single row
    Cab width (mm) 1,900
    No. of passengers allowed 3 persons
    Wheelbase (mm) 3,360
    Overall dimensions(mm) 5,995×2,140×3,130
    Internal dimensions of cargo box (mm) 4,200×2,100×2,100
    Rated load (kg) 3,500
    Battery capacity (kWh) 100.46, liquid cooling
    Driving range (km) (standard load) 200~260
    Reference charging time (h)
    (Battery temperature 25°C, SOC 20%-100%, 120kW fast charging)
    Motor power (W) 65/120
    No. of leaf springs 3/3+2
    Braking type Front disc/rear drum
    E-axle Integrated rear e-axle
    Braking/parking type Air brake/EPB
    Tire Standard 7.00R16LT
    optional 215/75R17.5
    Rear-view mirror Integrated rear-view mirror
    Uphill/downhill Assist
    Multi-functional steering wheel
    Daytime running lamp + automatic headlamp
    Automatic A/C
    Power window/central door lock/remote control key
    Reverse radar
    Reverse video
    360 panoramic view
    Air suspended seat
    Spare tire

    1. “●” indicates standard , “〇” indicates optional;
    2. The actual driving range of battery electric light trucks will be different from that under standard working conditions due to such factors as driving habits, road conditions, weather and battery capacity attenuation with the increase of operating years. The driving range parameters provided are based on the standard working conditions of battery electric light trucks such as in warm areas, on flat urban roads, with full load and remaining battery SOC of 8%, which are also for reference only and cannot be used as basis for actual operation mileage;
    3. The actual charging time will deviate due to various factors such as battery temperature, SOC accuracy and cell consistency. The charging time provided is for reference and calculated based on the battery capacity from 20%-100% with a fast charging DC 120kW charger at the battery temperature of 25°C.
    *Special statement:
    The data and pictures in this brochure are for reference only, not as the basis for ordering. The physical products and parameters shall prevail. Yutong reserves the rights of changing product specifications and final interpretation.