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Yutong New Energy
Dump Truck

  • 9530/9730×2550×3680/3560/3520/3420 L×W×H(mm)
  • 8×4 Driving mode
  • 17500/18200/18600/19200 Curb weight(kg)


Product Advantage


Leading Technology for a Better Future+

The four core attributes of eco-friendliness, strong power, smart safety, reliability and durability of Yutong New Energy Dump Truck to create greater value.


Energy efficient and eco-friendliness+

Max. efficiency of motor ≥ 97.5%

  • Efficient electric drive, solving mileage anxiety
    The maximum efficiency of the motor for is ≥97.5%, and the high-efficiency area with efficiency ≥90% reaches more than 90%, which is industry-leading, with high electric energy conversion rate and more energy saving.
  • Battery pack, fearless of cold
    Each battery pack is equipped with a heat insulation process. During winter operation, the battery can quickly enter the optimal working temperature to reduce energy waste.
  • Enhanced energy recovery
    5-gear energy recovery, with strong recovered energy, improving downhill driving safety and prolonging the service life of braking system.
  • Integrated thermal management system, reducing energy consumption
    The energy consumption of heating in the cab is reduced by more than 30% and of cooling is reduced by more than 10%. The energy consumption of battery heating is reduced by up to 50%, and of battery cooling is reduced by more than 50%.

Strong power for greater profits+

Max. horsepower: 610
Max. torque: 3000N·m

  • Improved motor power, strong gradeability
    The maximum horsepower of the motor reaches 610, and the maximum torque is 3000N·m, with strong power.
  • Rocking free mode, improving the ability to get out of hollow
    Independently develop rocking free mode, and improve the vehicle’s ability to get out of trouble on loose soil road conditions.
  • Optimized power-train with better efficiency
    AMT + special axle for electric chassis ensure motor operation within its optimal range to achieve higher efficiency.
  • Professional commissioning of vehicle starting
    Adjust the output torque, making the vehicle start and accelerate more smoothly.

Smart assist to bring more safety+

It is equipped with intelligent auxiliary warning functions such as lane departure warning, collision warning, fatigue driving warning and 360-degree panoramic view to make driving safer.

  • 360-degree panoramic view for safe visual field
    With 6-line smart cameras, audio and visual alarm are added for right blind spot, and drivers can easily monitor and deal with complex road conditions during driving, making driving safer and easier.
  • Intelligent thermal management for safe battery
    Adaptive temperature regulation technology for heating in winter, and cooling in summer guarantees that the battery always stays within the best operating temperature range, and the battery service life is longer.
  • Real-time monitoring for safe vehicle
    Vehicle can be monitored 24 hours a day through the monitoring platform, and information such as vehicle power, energy consumption, location and fault data can be monitored in real time.

Reliable battery, motor and electric control+

Protection grade reaches IP68+IP6K9K (the highest standard in the industry) ;
Vehicle-in-operation quantity over 170000 units;
Total operation mileage exeeds 360 billion km.

  • Reliable battery
    The 24-hour battery monitoring technology provides full-trip protection. The first air drying system ensures continuous operation of batteries in high temperature and high humidity environment.
  • Reliable motor
    Yutong’s mature high power motor adopts anti-condensation structure, which ensures long-term reliability in high temperature and humidity, with less maintenance frequency, more reliability and less cost.
  • Reliable electric control
    The first five-in-one electric control system reduces the number of high voltage connection points by 53%, realizing low vehicle failure rate and 99% attendance.

Configuration Parameter

  • Basic parameters
  • New energy
  • Chassis
  • Driver cab
  • Electrical appliance
  • Upper structure
  • Basic parameters
    L*W*H (mm) 9530/9730×2550×3680/3560/3520/3420
    Wheelbase (mm) 1950+3000+1350
    Curb weight (kg) 17500/18200/18600/19200


  • New energy
    Traction battery 396kWh LFP battery
    Transmission AMT
    Motor 330kW/450kW
    Motor controller Yutong Integrated Control Unit (ICU)
    Vehicle control unit Yutong VCu
    Charging configuration Double-gun fast charging
  • Chassis
    Suspension system Front and rear multi-leaf springs
    Tire 11.00R20 18PR/12.00R20 18PR
    Front axle 2×7.5t
    Drive axle 2×16t
    Brake system Imported ABS/Imported EBS
  • Driver cab
    Driver cab 2.5m wide flat-top cab,three-section metal bumper
    Seat Driver seat with airbag shock absorption
    Berth Lower berth
    A/C and heating system Electric cooling/heating A/C,with defrosting function
  • Electrical appliance
    Front headlight Combination headlamp (LED)
    Intelligent early warning Dash cam /container monitor,blind spot monitor, driver behavior monitor,reversing camera and identity
    recognition device optional
  • Upper structure
    Dimensions (mm) 5600/5800×2350×1200/1500
    Cover type Tarpaulin cover


    This configuration table is for reference only and not used as the basis for contract negotiation. The actual vehicle shall prevail.