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  • 9400×3450×4150 LxWxH(mm)
  • 4000+1550 Wheelbase (mm)
  • 60000 Rated loading mass (kg)


Product Advantage


Big on superiority, larger on powerful+

Yutong Battery Electric Mining Truck is committed to building four core advantages of safety, reliability, high efficiency and economy.


Reassured safety, supported by leading technology+

Three protections (fire, water and electric shock prevention)
24-hour full time domain monitoring

  • It is equipped with new energy intelligent control technology that has won the second prize of China Science and Technology Progress Award.
  • The battery, motor and electric control systems, with three protections (fire, water and electric shock prevention) , are designed with high standards (Technical Requirements for 3S Safety of New Energy Buses) to create high safety.
  • The industry’s first 24-hour full time domain monitoring function effectively ensures the safety of vehicle battery system.

Excellent performance, reliability and stability+

Protection grade of the battery, motor and electric control systems up to IP68+IP6K9K (international leading) .

  • Traction motor
    Yutong anti-condensation structure will ensure long-term reliable operation in adverse weather, reduce maintenance frequency, improve reliability and save cost.
  • Integrated control unit
    High integration and few high-voltage connection points, dual power supply backup design, high reliability.
  • Enhanced special battery for mines
    Intelligent self-heating and liquid cooling systems, long service life, safer and more reliable.
  • Frame
    Box-type welded rigid frame is adopted, which has strong impact resistance and improves the service life of vehicle chassis and parts.
  • Leaf spring suspension
    High overall matching strength, large thickness and high strength of single leaf spring, reducing failure rate and maintenance cost.
  • Hydro-pneumatic suspension
    Good buffering and vibration damping performance, adaptable to complex road conditions in open pit mines, low maintenance cost and high attendance rate.

Less consumption, efficient operation+

Reliable battery, motor and electric controller ensure a high attendance rate.

  • Large compartment volume, high average speed and high transport efficiency per trip, enhancing the operating profit of customers.
  • Long maintenance cycle of vehicle core components, stable battery, motor and electric control systems, ensuring high attendance rate.

Powerful, economical and durable+

  • Motor
    High-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor is adopted, with the maximum efficiency ≥96%.
  • Electric controller
    Realize vehicle drive control and energy optimization control.
  • Brake
    Energy is recovered through motor braking, which effectively improves the economy of the whole vehicle.

Configuration Parameter

  • Basic parameters
  • New energy
  • Chassis
  • Upper structure
  • Item Parameters
    L*W*H (mm) 9400×3450×4150
    Wheelbase (mm) 4000+1550
    Max. gradeability 40%
    Minimum turning diameter (m) 23
    Rated loading mass (kg) 60000
  • Item Parameters
    Vehicle control unit Yutong self-made VCU
    Energy storage system Lithium iron phosphate, 350~530kWh, with dry gas protection system
    Traction motor system Yutong E-drive system, five-in-one controller
  • Item Parameters
    Transmission Automatic transmission
    Front axle/middle axle/rear axle Rated load 20/35/35t
    Suspension system Front hydro-pneumatic suspension, rear leaf spring balanced suspension
    Tire 14.00R25
    Frame High strength steel
  • Item Parameters
    Lifting system One-way lifting cylinder
    Compartment capacity (m³) 34 (flat loading, non-metallic mineral)


    This configuration table is for reference only and not used as the basis for contract negotiation. The actual vehicle shall prevail.