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  • 9195×3450×4150 LengthxWidthxHeight (mm)
  • 3800+1550 Wheelbase (mm)
  • 60000 Rated load mass (kg)


Product Advantage


Four core advantages+

Yutong Fuel Mining Vehicle is committed to building four core advantages of safety, reliability, efficiency and economy.


Upgraded safety, makes driving more reassuring+

  • Driver cabin with high safety
    The driver cabin frame adopts a robust closed-ring frame type, which has higher safety.
  • Air reservoir with large capacity
    The braking system adopts the air reservoir with large capacity, which reduces air pressure fluctuations and makes driving safer.

Reliable quality, makes operation more reassuring+

Failure rate reduced by more than 50%
2m³ larger than other brands

  • Frame
    The box type welded rigid frame is adopted which has strong impact resistance thus improves the service life of the vehicle chassis as well as parts and components.
  • Front suspension
    The structure of steel plate with gradual rigidity + bidirectional cylindrical shock absorber is adopted which enhances the service life of the leaf spring and improves driving comfort.
  • Rear suspension
    The upper thrust rod adopts a longitudinal drag link + tie rod structure, optimizing the force acting on the leaf spring and guide plate, thus improving service life.
  • Specially-made bolts
    The specially-made bolts with customized materials can reduce faults by more than 50%, resulting in higher reliability.
  • Efficient transportation, makes operation more considerate
    Large loading capacity and high transportation efficiency
    The compartment capacity of the same tonnage is 2m³ larger than that of competitors. High transport efficiency per trip brings greater operating profits.

Economy and durability, make maintenance more worry-free+

Oil bath three-stage filtration, with a rate up to 99.99%
38mm taper pin/cotter pin, largest in the industry

  • Air filter
    Weichai engine: maintenance-free air filter with low maintenance intensity;
    Cummins engine: oil bath three-stage filtering (up to 99.99%) , with high filtering accuracy.
  • Steering
    Adopting the industry’s largest 38mm taper pin/split pin, with high reliability and long service life.
  • Radiator
    The radiator has a large area, strong climate adaptability and a detachable structure, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Driver cabin
    The driver cabin has a turnover structure, greatly improving the convenience of maintenance in the later stage.

Configuration Parameter

  • Basic parameters
  • Chassis
  • Upper structure
  • Basic parameters
    Length × Width × Height (mm) 9195×3450×4150
    Wheelbase (mm) 3800+1550
    Maximum gradeability 30%
    Minimum turning diameter (m) 23
    Rated load mass (kg) 60000
  • Chassis
    Engine Weichai WP12G460E310
    Transmission FAST seven-gear transmission
    Front axle/middle axle/rear axle Rated load 20/35/35t, drum-type brake
    Suspension system Front and rear steel plate suspension, rear stabilizer bar, maintenance free balance shaft
    Fuel tank Standard configuration: 420L; Optional: 600L
    Tire 14.00R25 steel wire tire
    Frame High-strength steel
  • Upper structure
    Lifting system One way lift cylinder
    Sprinkling device Optional: 320L/500 sprinkling device (left rudder only)
    Compartment volume (m³) 34 (flat-mounted, non-metallic mine)


    This configuration table is for reference only and does not serve as a basis for contract negotiations. The actual vehicle shall prevail.