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Brand New and Upgraded Yutong YTQH700B Dynamic Compaction Machinery to Be Debuted


YTQH700B dynamic compaction machinery features a wide range of compaction energy,

meeting dynamic compaction construction demands with high energy level

The compaction energy can reach up to 700 ton.m, efficiently meeting the dynamic compaction construction requirements of most medium and high compaction energy levels;

After it is equipped with a gantry frame, the compaction energy can reach up to 1500 ton.m, which can efficiently meet the requirements of a wider range of dynamic compaction construction.

More power to win challenges

A 294kW high-combustion-efficiency engine provides more power for the complete machine operation, with high coefficient of power reserve, small impact load, good fuel economy, high reliability and more energy saving. Equipped with a 650L large-capacity fuel tank, it can easily meet the construction demands of 24 hours a day.

Strong single-rope pulling force, high lifting speed and high construction efficiency

The Class M7 free-quick-falling winch features a maximum single-rope pulling force of 25 tons to greatly improve the lifting capacity and ensure smoother dynamic compaction. The built-in normally engaged brake can ensure the reliable braking of the tamper in the height. The external disc brake with two calipers provide more stable braking and longer service life of friction pad.

Smooth and reliable operation and good stability

Constructed with rear spandrel beam to effectively reduce the vehicle pitching, reduce the impact of the swing bearing, and increase its service life;

The simply shaped cab is connected with the platform via a shock absorber. The aerospace-grade adjustable damping seat may reduce the vibration of the cab and provide comfort driving experience.

Easy operation and high safety

 The fully electronic control system is designed to prevent engine shutdown and for easier operation. The compaction recording function and sounding function allows to automatically record the number of compacting operations and effectively reduce the labor cost.

The complete machine is equipped with an oil-bath air filter, which features a good filtering effect, meets the construction requirements of areas with sand blown by wind such as plateau and northwest of China, effectively extends the service life of the engine. Compared with the conventional dry air filter, daily maintenance is easier;

The accelerator self-adapting function can automatically regulate the engine revolution according to the action of the winch operating handle by freeing your feet, and work smoothly.

Strict in-house inspection to ensure consistent high quality

We have strict standards from the receiving inspection of components parts to the assembling and commissioning of the complete machine, to the tightening order and torque of the bolts. After the complete machine is assembled, it will be transferred to a special proving ground and accept inspection and verification of a range of test items of primary winch system, heat dissipation system and hydraulic system to ensure that the complete machine can work with the expected set parameters.

Now the improved Yutong YTQH700B dynamic compaction machinery is ready to launch and create greater value.

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