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[Vehicle Evaluation] How does the full electric mining vehicle perform in the weather of minus 30℃?


“Choose an electric vehicle or a diesel vehicle, especially in the condition of low temperatures in winter, how does the electrical vehicle perform?” It has always been a matter of concern to everyone. At present, based on safety considerations, electric mining vehicles mainly use lithium iron phosphate batteries, so in the face of severe cold weather, can full electric mining vehicles withstand? Xingwanxiang Group Jilin Hunchun Branch provides an excellent sample!

Xingwanxiang Group is well-known in Hunchun and even in the entire mining industry. Not only does it have projects in the Tibet plateau, which is 5,500 meters above sea level, but also extends its business to mine projects in Indonesia and other countries. Xingwanxiang was the first to adopt full electric mining vehicles in cold regions. In 2020, Xingwanxiang Group Jilin Hunchun Branch ordered the YTK90E full electric mining trucks from Yutong and put them into on-site operation in November.

As the first enterprise of field operation of full electric mining vehicles in Hunchun, Xingwanxiang Hunchun Branch, after the Yutong YTK90E full electric mining trucks started operation, attracted the attention of many peers. Compared with full electric mining vehicles in other places, the focus of everyone’s attention is: in Hunchun, where low-temperature weather is frequent throughout the year and the lowest temperature in winter can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius, can full electric mining vehicle endure and deliver superior performance in winter?

Next, let's take a look at the feedback from the operators on site~

1. The electric vehicle has a high attendance rate and never fail to start because of cold weather.

“At first, we were a little worried that the electric vehicles would not be charged or discharged during the cold night in the winter in the Northeast. Through on-site operations, we found that this worry is unnecessary. The Yutong full electric mining truck is equipped with a constant temperature system, which not only has no problem of charging, but also does not cause the vehicle to fail to start due to oil frozen in cold weather. In the actual driving process, the electric vehicle can start without taking too much time to warm up and speed up rapidly while the overall performance is very good.”

2. The electric truck has full power and high operating efficiency

“The electric vehicle not only has a fast start, but also has enough power. The The speed of Yutong electric truck I drove can reach 20km/h in the jobsite of full load uphill., which greatly improves driving efficiency.” The driver sighed: “If overtaking is allowed in the mining area, this vehicle can easily surpass the fuel vehicle!”

3. The electric mining truck has good braking effect and guarantees safety

“When driving in a mining area, the most important thing is safety. When driving a fuel vehicle previously, it was necessary to add water for spraying for downhill braking. The road is liable to freeze after being sprayed with water in winter, which was not only troublesome but also dangerous. Now electric vehicles do not need to add water for spraying and the braking effect is good. The previous troubles have been eliminated thoroughly.”

4. Comfortable electric vehicle operation and comfortable driving

“The biggest feeling I get when driving an electric vehicle is that it is comfortable. The electric vehicle has low noise and good shock absorption. It can pass quickly even in bad conditions without the previous feeling of turbulence. To be honest, after driving the electric vehicle, I don't want to drive a fuel vehicle again!”

With the operation case of minus 30℃ in Hunchun, you no longer have to worry about the operation of full electric mining vehicles in extreme cold weather. If you want to know about constant temperature system of YUTONG battery compartment, please ask a question and connect us by Email and Mobile.

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