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Yutong full-electric mining vehicle

  • 9750*3750*4250 Dimensions(mm)
  • 70(T) Tonnage
  • Yutong Full-electric mining vehicle Use cases


Product Advantage


Product Advantage+

The Yutong full-electric mining vehicle aims to create four core advantages of being safe, reliable, efficient and economical.


Being Safe+

  • The electronic control technology of Yutong (Rectrl) has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  • We use EV system with triple protections (protections against water, fire and electronic shock). We adopt design of high standard (“3S Safety Technology Requirements for New Energy Bus”) to make it safer. The total sales of Yutong new energy commercial vehicles have exceeded 140,000 vehicles.

  • With diamond-enclosed-ring structure, the cab can be of high safety.

Being Reliable+

  • Frame:We use box-shaped welded rigid frame for strong impact resistance and longer use of the chassis and auto parts.

  • Leaf spring suspension:The overall matching strngth is high and the single piece of leaf spring is thick and strong, which can lower the failure rate and maintenance costs.
    Hydro pneumatic suspension: It has great buffering and damping ability which is suitable for the complex road conditions in the mining area with low maintenance cost and high usage rate.

  • Drive moto: It uses anti-condensation structure of Yutong to ensure the long-term reliable operation of vehicles in bad weather. It can reduce the maintenance, improve reliability and save use costs.

  • Integrated moto controller: With high level of integration and a few high-voltage connection points, it has redundant power supply to ensure the reliability.

  • EV system protection: The level of EV system protection is IP68+IP6K9K. It functions well after jetting by the hydraulic giant of high temperature and high pressure, which has achieved the top level around the world.

Being Efficient+

The vehicle has a large volume so that a single transportation is highly-efficient, which gurantees greater benefits. The warranty period of the vehicle’s core components is long and the EV system is stable. So the vehicle can be used frequently.


Being Economical+

  • Steering
    The steering system (ball stud) uses the biggest taper pin or cotter pin in the industry. It’s reliable and has long service life.

  • Cab
    The cab can be turned over which is convenient for maintenance.

  • Radiator
    The cab can be turned over which is convenient for maintenance.The radiator area is large and it has strong climate adaptability. The radiator is detachable for low maintenance cost.


  • The maximum efficiency of the high-efficient motor system (motor and motor controller) is equal to or greater than 96%, which plays a leading role in the industry.

  • It uses the improved regenerative braking energy recovery design. When the vehicle is coasting or braking, the drive moto works as the generator to generate electric for battery charging, which achieves the braking energy recovery.

Configuration Parameter

  • Dimensions
  • Chassis
  • Upper part
  • Dimensions
    Length*width*height (mm) 9750*3750*4250
    Curb weight (kg) 38000
    Wheelbase (mm) 4200+1750
    Max gradient (%) 35
    Max total weight (kg) 108000
    Min turning radius (m) 12.25
  • Chassis
    Suspension system Front hydro pneumatic suspension and rea leaf spring suspension
    Tires 16.00R25
    Gearbox Automatic transmission
    Frame High-strength steel with semi-integral body structure
    Front axle/middle axle/rear axle Maximum load25/40/40t
  • Upper part
    Lifting system Haiwo unidirectional lifting cylinder
    Volume (m³) 40(non-metallic minerals in the flat laying way)

    *Special statement:

    Due to the conversion period between vehicle update and network display, the graphics and text parameters of the page may be different from the actual vehicle. The graphics and text content of the page are not used as the basis for actual vehicle booking. The actual vehicle configuration determined by the specific model and technical parameters shall prevail. Prospective buyers shall contact Yutong sales staff to confirm and Yutong reserves the right to change the picture parameters and the final interpretation.