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Yutong fuel-powered mining vehicle

  • 9550*3730*4200 Dimensions(mm)
  • 70(T) Tonnage
  • Yutong Fuel mining truckUse cases


Product Advantage


Product Advantage+

The Yutong fuel-powered mining vehicle aims to create four core advantages of being safe, reliable, efficient and economical.


Safety upgrade for more secure driving+

  • Cab of high safety
    The cab uses diamond-enclosed-ring structure for higher safety.

  • Air reservoir of high volume
    The brake system uses high-volume air reservoir for smaller pressure fluctation and safer driving.

Reliable quality for secure working+

  • Frame
    It has box-shaped welded rigid frame for strong impact resistance and longer use of the chassis and auto parts.

  • The front suspension
    It uses steel plate with gradually changing stiffness and bidirectional tube shock absorber to prolong the service time of leaf spring and make the driving more comfortable.

  • The rear suspension
    The lifting track bar uses drag rod and tie rod structure to optimize the use of leaf spring and deflector plate and proling their service life.

  • Special bolts
    We use special material to make special bolts so that the failure rate is reduced by more than 50% to become more reliable.

Being Efficient+

The vehicle has a large volume so that a single transportation is highly-efficient, which gurantees greater benefits.


Being Economical+

  • Air filter
    For the Weichai engine, the air filter is maintenance-free. For the Cummins engine, it has oil-bath triple filter (99.99%) with fine filtration.

  • Steering
    The steering system (ball stud) uses the biggest taper pin or cotter pin in the industry. It’s reliable and has long service life.

  • Radiator
    The radiator area is large and it has strong climate adaptability. The radiator is removable for low maintenance cost.

  • Cab
    The cab can be turned over which is convenient for maintenance.

Configuration Parameter

  • Dimensions
  • Chassis
  • Upper part
  • Dimensions
    Length*width*height (mm) 9550*3730*4200
    Curb weight (kg) 35000
    Rated full-load weight (t) 70
    Wheelbase (mm) 4000+1735
    Max gradient (%) 30
    Max total weight (kg) 105000
    Min turning radius (m) 12.25
  • Chassis
    Suspension system The front and rear leaf spring suspension
    Tires Standard:16.00R25; Optional:16.00-25
    Gearbox Fast8DS260
    Frame High-strength steel with semi-integral body structure
    Tank 600L
    Front axle/middle axle/rear axle Maximum load25/40/40t,drum brake
    Engine Weichai WP13G530E310
  • Upper part
    Lifting system Haiwo unidirectional lifting cylinder
    Volume (m³) 40(non-metallic minerals in the flat laying way)

    *Special statement:

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