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  • 10680*2520*3950 Overall dimension (mm)
  • 14500Complete vehicle curb mass (kg)


Product Advantage


Led by science and technology, win in the future+

Yutong new energy mixer truck has been comprehensively upgraded around four core attributes: strong power, eco-friendliness, smart safety as well as reliability and durability.


Strong power and performance+

  • Stable climbing
    The motor has a maximum horsepower of 610 and a maximum torque of 3000N·m, providing ample power and easy climbing.

  • Smooth gear shifting
    Independently developed a four-gear transmission control system, which improves the drive efficiency of the transmission to over 97.47% and provides smoother gear shifting.

  • Anti-coasting on slope
    Developed the function of anti-coasting on slope to achieve hill-start assist function of the vehicle.

  • Easy operation and control
    Driving is more convenient when accurately moving, parking and aligning the material port with the tank in narrow road conditions.

Eco-friendliness and super load bearing+

  • Lighter and more energy-saving
    Vehicle weight reduction is more than 1 ton, achieving lower energy consumption.

  • Efficient drive and sufficient powerThe highest efficiency of the motor is ≥ 97.5%, leading in the industry, with high energy conversion rate and more energy-saving.

  • More economical heating and cooling
    For the first time in the industry, the integrated thermal management configuration is adopted, reducing the energy consumption of driver cabin heating by more than 30% and saving energy of driver cabin cooling by more than 10%.

  • Energy recovery and long rangeThe proportion of braking energy recovery under standard working conditions is greater than 30%, improving downhill driving safety and extending the service life of the braking system.

Technological support for high proficiency+

  • Easy and comfortable drivingMatched with one-click start, design of gear lever into arms, driver seat with air spring shock absorption, etc., making operation easier and improving driving comfort.

  • Eight major intelligent driving assistance functionsIt is equipped with the functions of emergency assist for pedal misapplication (EAPM), front collision warning, lane departure warning, fatigue driving warning, hill-start assist system (HSA), 360° panoramic view, etc., to make driving safer.

  • Big data managementBy monitoring vehicles 24 hours a day through the APP, real-time monitoring of vehicle battery capacity, energy consumption, position, fault data and other information can improve operational management.

  • Intelligent thermal management of batteryAdaptive temperature regulation technology ensures that the battery is always in the optimal working temperature range and has a longer service life.

Reliable, durable, and mature battery, motor and electric control system+

  • High fire protection standard of batteryThe fire resistance standard of the battery can reach 1300 ℃ for 30 min without fire or explosion; the battery thermal failure standard can achieve 60 min without fire or explosion.

  • Improved reliability of traction motorAnti-condensation structure is adopted to ensure long-term reliable operation of vehicles in harsh weather, reduce maintenance frequency and save usage costs.

  • Multi-in-one controllerYutong pioneered the eight-in-one controller, reducing high-voltage connection points by 53%, achieving higher integration, lower fault rate and more reliable use.

  • Improvement of the protection grade of battery, motor and electric control systemThe protection grade meets IP68+IP6K9K, the highest standard in the industry, making it easy to cope with harsh working conditions such as frequent splashing and wading.

Intelligent upperstructure for efficient operation+

  • Tank shaking without solidification
    It can quickly change the rotation direction of the tank body, effectively preventing concrete solidification and unloading materials more thoroughly.

  • New type blade for fast unloading
    All blades adopt a new type of fluidized bed structure with a straight line shape, resulting in fast unloading speed.

  • Large capacity water tank for easy cleaning
    Over 400L aluminum alloy large capacity water tank can achieve worry free flushing; high pressure water pipes have longer service life.

  • Integrated design for high efficiency
    Direct drive of motor+reduction gear reduces intermediate drive links, reduces energy loss and improves efficiency by more than 20%.

Configuration Parameter

  • Dimensions
  • Traditional version
  • New energy version
  • Cab
  • High-tech configuration